Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Update as of Sept. 30, 2009

There has been a lot of on-goings lately inside the company. Good thing the work is still in a continuous flow, but first things first. As being the prime person responsible for maintaining the blog, I would like to apologize for my absence during the past few days (from Thursday until Monday). I just got up from influenza (not Ah1N1) and of course, last Saturday, our house was affected by the typhoon Ondoy. The water reached up to the second floor of our house and almost all of our things drowned into the flood. We have to clean up during Sunday and Monday, so I believe that would be an excuse that you guys will accept.

Now, enough with the drama, on with the updates.

As a major update, as of today, September 30, 2009, We are 99% done with the translations. The other 1% is the process of double to triple checking our work to minimize the errors once we do test the scripts. The translation will probably be at 100% by tomorrow and we will just wait for the approval of our General Manager (no worries though, the maximum wait time would be one day). Once the approval has been made, we shall send the scripts to the dev team and it will be the restart of our alpha test. Of course, we still have to check if the scripts match with the NPCs, monsters, maps, etc. After that, well, you what will happen next right?

Hay, another day at the office. Well, I only have a few hours before my shift ends. I’ll finish to double check my scripts (All of them) and we’ll keep you posted about the situation. Just a few more guys!! Lapit na!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Update as of Sept 18, 2009

Since the forum is still down atm, I shall post the update here instead so you guys could still read it.

Anyway, I’ve had a new assignment since Monday. It’s the game translation. Yes, well, I was excited of course! At least we have some progress being done by our own hands, and with this, we can track the current situation of the game. Well, I just received this assignment, and things are doing pretty well. Since today is already Friday, September 18, 2009, I’ve done quite well in the translation process. In the Quests alone, there are about 2000+ entries to be translated. And after five days, I’m just 400 entries away from completing this. Well, that’s not all. There are also NPC names, Mission names… uh.. Basically all the things that you see inside the game are being translated. Good thing is it’s not that hard, since we already have an English translation, all I have to do is fix some misspells, and compare the names indicated to match the new names of NPCs.

If you haven’t heard, I’m alone for the week since [GM] Noir went to the province due to the death of his aunt. I solemnly give my condolences to [GM] Noir’s family. He’ll be back probably by Tuesday to finish up this assignment. Anyway, He did made some changes in the character classes. Some of them have now different names, and we have decided that those names are final for WKPH. The point is, the PH version will be different from other versions of WK. To make it even more unique, the missions that you will see inside the game would be more “interesting”. I suggest that during Beta Testing, you read the whole mission details so you may find out the difference that we could do to the game. I’m getting so excited about this progress, but the pressure’s on to me. Arrrrgh! I have to finish this asap so we can test it as early as possible! So pardon me for my silence in the past few days (Actually, I shouldn’t make any other jobs right now and finish my work, but I’m pretty sure you are all wondering what’s the current status so I made this).

Pray that I would finish this soon (and hopefully no errors), this would mean that we’re a few steps away from the Beta! Weeeeeee!!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Statement regarding Website Downtime

We would like to apologize about the downtime we have in our server. This is due to technical problems that appeared last Saturday, Sept. 12, 2009.

The website is back online as of yesterday, Sept. 15, 2009. We also would like to remind everyone that the website is not yet fully fixed, and that the forums have been temporarily disabled for public use, as we still have to double check every error that we encounter. Rest assured that we shall hasten to fix the current issues that we have in our website.

If you have further questions and concerns, you may contact [GM] Trag Oul through the official blog. We are sorry for the inconvenience. Thank you for your continued support on WonderKing Online.

WonderKing Management

Friday, September 11, 2009

From the Tomes of Trag Oul: Combos

First Tome, Fifth Leaf

“ … Alas, the chief of the town has grown tired of these new scoundrels roaming around the land. “They are worthless!” cried the chief. “All they do is roaming around while we are being defeated by the devils!” With all of these new ‘heroes’, or so we call them, only are really a few who are truly fit to be called by such titles. We need a resolution. We have to find a way to teach these people how to battle, how to win against a formidable enemy, but how?

Finally, a group of warriors came in our way. True warriors they are. Returning to town, they carry lifeless bodies of monsters from their hunt. “There are still more where we came from” laughed the ranger. They are only four in the group, but are able to defeat hundreds of creatures, without a single scratch from their bodies. They look terrifying with the blood of creatures all over their armors, but seem friendly enough for me to approach them. One of them, a knight, took off his helm and showed a bright friendly face. He walked towards me as I prepare for a word or two to discuss. “We might be of great help old man” told the knight, “but we still need a little help of our own, the devils grow larger in numbers by the day”. Quite true, since even though we try so hard to eliminate these demons, they return doubling the numbers. A great idea in mind, I replied “We are also in need of great help. We have a lot of warriors in here but they are poor in battle tactics. Help them learn to fight and they’ll help you in your battles”. Combing his hair with his hands, the knight smiled “It will be an honor to fight and teach our fellowmen for Esiore”.

The following morning, there were only a few people in town. Everyone was outside, viewing what could be the greatest lesson the people could ever learn: how to fight..."

The warriors displayed their skills in great fashion which made the pople look with amazement:

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

From the Tomes of Trag Oul: Warrior

First Tome, Third Leaf

“… I venture into the mountains, looking for frozen beetroots. The snow of these ranges turned my hunt into a challenge. The snow covered paths swallow my feet though I was in a quicksand. The mountain rocks are filled with ice that your hands numb when you touch them. I feel the frigid breeze flowing through my body as I took one step from the other to get into the desired place. As the snowy wind blows, I saw a shadow from not far away. I hid behind a pile of icy rocks, thinking the shadow might be another creature of darkness. I can feel the shadow move from its place, but with the noise the wind is making, it was like trying to hear a whisper inside the market. Unable to move for the creature might see me, I decided to spend the chilly night from where I am located. With no means of cover from the coldness of the night, hunger and pain would be reasons to be dead.

A new bright morning approaches. I feel a slight heat onto my arms. A good sign, knowing that I spent the night under the full wrath of coldness. My eyes still closed, but I do not feel the warmth of the sun on my face. Something is in front of me; I feel its breath as if it was too close to me. I struggled whether I should open my eyes or not. Finally decided, I opened my eyes to see the thing in front of me. And there it is, a human, wearing a shiny golden armor, on his head a golden helmet, forged with ox horns. His long golden hair clamped to have a better view, his armor, glistening under the sun as if no damage has been dealt yet. He carries a huge golden axe, a warrior I presume. He was kneeling in front of me, checking if I was still breathing or as cold as dead. “Are you alright?” he asked. I smiled and gave a favorable reply: “yes I am, thank you for asking”. He was young, and still full of adventures at hand. I asked him of his reasons for being at an unfamiliar place. He just gave a grin and replied: “I am hunting this frigid place for devils to banish”. After helping me get up, he gave me food coming from the towns of Lamuphel. We ventured on to the mountains, helping me throughout the way. He was very skilled with the use of an axe, able to break boulders of ice into pieces. The armor and weapon for granted, this warrior’s skills are truly capable of hunting in this area. Every hit this warrior creates, flames rush out. From the strength of his arms to the sharpness of his weapon, one strike and the boulder explodes. Nobody did say that the King might be a warrior, or an archer, but with the strength I have seen, this warrior might be a formidable enemy for Barlon….”

The warrior named all of his skills as Trag Oul watches...

Blake Storm

Burning Void

Dragon Bite

Dragon Rising

Frame Eraser

Kaiser Dragon

Retreat Fist Skype