Monday, June 29, 2009

Wonderking 101: The User Interface

Last time we talked about the basic controls of the game. Now we shall focus on the game’s UI or the user interface.

The user interface is actually the most essential part of a game, which practically serves as a guide for players in gaming adventures. In wonderking, the UI was designed to ensure easy access to most settings for those who are still not used to the keymap. A screenshot below will give you a sample on what to expect on the game’s interface.

Click on thumbnail to view full image

1. Player name
2 – 3. HP- MP bar
4. Attendance window
5. Announcement ticker
6. Server / Channel Information
7. Mini-map
8. Quest Check
9. Chat window
10. Skill slots
11. Experience bar
12. Player menu

As you can see, the interface of wonderking online was well thought of. Basically, all of these items are self-explanatory and doesn’t need further details. Also as an addition, whenever you are in town, and looking for an NPC, just hover your mouse pointer at the minimap to see the location of the npc. Other features, such as the attendance window, shall be discussed soon.
Watch out for the next episode, we are going to discuss the inventory and the warehouse!

Wonderking 101: Basic Controls

A lot of you might get confused of the configuration of Wonderking Online. So to give you a heads up, we shall give you the basic controls to help you on your way.


- If talking to an NPC (non-player character), you may execute the conversation by pressing spacebar or just by clicking him/her using the left mouse button.

- You can actually perform a double jump by pressing ALT twice.

- To increase you movement speed, you can buy a speed potion from the item NPCs, which could boost your movement for up to 300 seconds! Now that’s cool!

Stay tuned for more tips and ideas in the next episode of Wonderking 101!

Exclusive Interview with Ryusoft Phils Inc General Manager, Mr. Jaeho Lee.

We are very pleased to share with you our discussion with the Ryusoft Phils Inc General Manager,Mr. Jaeho Lee, about Wonderking Online and its release in the Philippines. This interview was a first and exclusively made for the Philippine audience.

1. Could you give us a brief introduction of what Wonderking online is?

Wonderking Online is a 2d side-scrolling game by RyuSoft Korea. The game has a very interesting story taking place as players battle Zero Force and its leader, Barlon. With its story, players will also experience great features in the game including our crafting system which gives you a chance to create new things.

2. We are aware that RyuSoft is known for developing 2D games, what made you decide to tackle the MMORPG scene and create Wonderking?

RyuSoft’s passion is creating online games. We’ve noticed that a huge number of players take interest in playing games with cute designs and characters. In creating Wonderking Online, we targeted to make this game an adventurous MMO suitable for all audiences. With our common interest to provide a great new game and the passion given by our development team, Wonderking Online was born.

3. Wonderking Online is soon to be published in the Philippines, what are the challenges that your company is facing right now?

The Philippines has a very good game culture, and we want to share our game in this country. The biggest challenge and our company’s aim is player satisfaction by giving them excellent service and game we can assure that Filipino players will enjoy playing our game

4. We know that most games published in the Philippines are based on 3d engines, are there any special features or advantages a 2d side-scrolling game has that would attract players who are used to playing 3d games?

2d side-scrollers have numerous advantages in a game compared to 3d games. One of which is generating better detail in graphics. The other is that we can add more and more features into the game without the need of sacrificing computer requirements of players.

5. One of the few concerns of players is the system requirements of a single game. Will the game require lower system requirements?

Wonderking has lower requirements than most games. This gives an advantage since more players can play this game without thinking if this game can be played with their current systems.

6. Within the game, how is Wonderking based? Is it quest-based wherein players must do quests in order to speed up their leveling? Or can players also grind their way up to a next level without taking so much time doing quests?

The game offers both features, but it is more advantageous to do quests since it provides more interest in the game and gives more experience points than just grinding. You may also earn experience points faster in grinding if players form parties in the game.

7. What are the next improvements and patches our Filipino audiences have to watch out for? Are there expected changes as the game progresses?

We are expecting a huge update from RyuSoft Korea that will make changes in Wonderking. The update will include stronger skills, adding more quests for players to enjoy, and the pvp system will also be included in the update.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Wonderking Online's Friendster Posting Event!


In preparation for Wonderking online, we shall start our first event! The event shall take place inside friendster and everyone may join!

1. Players must have a friendster account of course! Players must add Wonderking PH as a friend via wonderking[dot]ph[at]gmail[dot]com in their friendster accounts
2. After adding as a friend, players must post “I play Wonderking Online, do you?” in their shouts during the whole duration of the event. Failure to do this will lead to disqualification.
3. Also, players must place Wonderking in their featured friends list during the whole duration of the event.
4. Finally, on the friendster profile of Wonderking, players must give a comment completing the phrase: “Wonderking is the best because _______” in 15 words or less (20 words including the given phrase)
5. The player with the most creative answer wins the event!

There will be 15 in-game prizes to be given away! All prizes shall be handed during the first 2 weeks of the open beta period.
Major prize (1 Winner): Sheriff costume set, draco pet, warehouse expansion
Minor prize (4 winners): Elephant costume set, warehouse expansion
Consolation prize (10 winners): Warehouse expansion

1. The event will end at the last day of closed beta, so you have the time to be creative on your answers.
2. Be sure to follow all directions, if you miss one, you will be disqualified from the event!
3. You may post more than one comment in Wonderking’s profile, so even if you don’t like your first comment, you may add another one. Remember that we are not looking for the most number of comments, but we are looking for the best answer!
4. The management shall choose the winners for the said event. We shall see to it that our judgment is fair and the winners are valid.
5. Once the winners are chosen, the management shall announce them in friendster, the website’s event section, and in the forums. Players may then check if they belong in the winner’s circle.
6. For notification of the winners, the management shall give them a private message in friendster and will ask for the player’s USERNAME only. Take note, we shall only ask for your username, not your password. If any other message in friendster arrives in your profile asking for your password, do not give it out. The management only needs the username of each winner.
7. Prizes shall be handed over during Open Beta; the management shall announce the date of handing of prizes so if you are a winner, then you better wait for the announcement!

Fabulous prizes await you in Wonderking online! So, what are you waiting for? Join na!