Friday, November 27, 2009

Update: 11/27/2009

Short update for today guys, the registrations has already been fixed (we tested it and it worked fine now) we still have to test the web login though, since the login field is not yet placed in the test web server. The devs are working hand-in-hand with the management now as to rush things up. Right now, we are checking back at the game while waiting for the login. The devs reminded us to look back at some images in-game if we want some more things to be changed, I’m currently on that assignment and will be finished in a couple days’ time. So there’s not much more to be updated, everything is almost set for the Beta test! Weee! ^_^

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Update: 11/26/2009

The game is now in the server. Well, it took some time since it was finished about 4 am this morning. Well, at least the hard part’s already done. They have told us that the game already has the latest patches so we should expect a big patch update in the client. We also got the information of the actual size of the installer: 387.25MB. This will be quite easy to download for players due to its small size, but the patch is still expected to be around 1Gig. A manual patch will not be available at this moment but we’ll work on that later on, the important thing is the game is already on the move and soon, beta will start.

An update on the Closed Beta: Yes, it is targeted for only 1 week maximum. Now to give way for really excited players, we shall give away “advanced passes” into WonderKing. These advanced passes will be limited to only 100. Those 100 lucky players will get to play WonderKing Online 1 week in advance prior to Closed Beta. That means you will have two weeks of enjoying the Closed Beta Period. The great thing is, you’ll get to level-up more than the other CBT players, giving you extra time to plan on your builds before going to Open Beta. But, as for the term “Closed Beta”, we would like to ask everyone’s full cooperation in this phase. During the test, please do inform us on every bug and error that you see inside the game.

As for how to get these keys, we shall give out directions on where and how to get them very soon. For those who want a clue on when will CBT start, I advise you guys to check on the main website in the next few days. There’ll be something that you might notice out there. *teehee*

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Update: 11/25/2009

Okay, as for an update today, I’ll discuss on what we have talked about the CBT period. This’ll be a good thing for you guys so you would be informed about the plans on the upcoming launch.

The actual target for CBT is just ONE WEEK. This is not yet finally confirmed since it would depend on the bugs that would show up during the test. This certainly means that we have to figure out all the bugs within one whole week of testing. Also, there is the probability of a “no level limit” test, for those who could level up fast; this is good news for you. If this happens, we ask a little help in finding the bugs so we could launch a better game. Events during the CBT are ready, and we’ll maximize that one whole week to give you guys a better “feel” into the game. We shall also be inside WK (both [GM] Noir and yours truly) to give you guys support and if you might have some questions, we’d answer them freely (and yes, we’ll be there visible to the naked eye).

Another update is that we shall have a bigger client. Well, not that big actually. The new client will be around 300-400MB in size, but the client would still need some patches to be installed. We’re now on the lookout for alternative mirrors so everyone could have more options to download the game faster. Game registration is already being fixed (we’re still having some errors in it) so once the registration is fixed, we’ll give you guys a heads up and include some few instructions for registering.

That’s the news for now. More updates will come soon so please do check regularly. ^_^

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Update: 11/24/2009

After long meetings, grueling tests, script changes, and more tests, the management has now set the table for the preparation of Closed Beta. Yes, the long wait will be over soon, as we are already discussing about the coming Closed Beta Phase.

A few pointers though, we still have to set some things first, like opening up the registrations, fixing the download client, etc. On my part though, I still have to finalize the events planned for CBT, since there are I think around 10 events in total (not sure though, I still have to recount), plus I must take care of other things (maintaining of the Blog, Forums, Facebook and Friendster, all of them will be a part of the Beta Phase, and yes, I am the one mostly in charge of those sites), plus inquiries from players thru my YM and on Facebook chat while doing some Alpha tests. Do pardon me if sometimes I cannot answer some inquiries since I’m as busy as ever, but the best way to contact me is via YM (which is posted on the blog). And oh, GM Noir is currently working on the new splash page *teehee*.

The final target date is this December, not much time for me to waste since I just returned yesterday. I personally thank everyone for still anxiously waiting for the release of WKPH, without you guys making everything wouldn’t be this much fun. *sniff* XD

Monday, November 23, 2009

Update: 11/23/2009

First update for today: [GM] Trag 'Oul is back to work. Yes, I am already back here at the office after 3 weeks of field work. If you guys are looking for my excuse letter, I already posted it on the blog (Click Here). Now on to work...

Since this forum is now already back up... errr, well, I have to post the GM updates here and on the blog. That is, for those guys who just want to visit one place for updates right? And since there were also a lot of updates made on the blog, might as well keep that one up going too as well. Now, as far as I believe, there have been a lot of speculations about the delay of the game, It's actually a big deal for us, but we would like everyone to understand our current disposition for the delays. Yes, it's been a grueling three months now, I can see that. We do have major setbacks in the process of making this a better game, and we also would like to ask your consideration regarding this matter.

Anyway, something to give you guys a hint of a smile... the devs are focused on our country now, and we are just finishing up the alpha test, we might also bring along some unfinished tasks for you guys to help us just so we could launch the game asap. The registrations will be up soon, we'll keep you posted more about the coming CBT and the details we would like you to be aware of.

We'll also launch a mini-event for all players in all sites related to WKPH (Facebook, Friendster, Blog). We shall give more of the updates soon so better watch out!

Now... Don't you love me for being back to work??? >_<

Trag 'Oul is back!

Yes, I'm finally back! It's been three weeks since I was gone and... hmm... noticed the recent changes here. Well, sorry for my long absence guys, but it has been a requirement for me to go on field. What did I do? Research.

Well, it's not that easy. During those three weeks that I was gone, I went to a lot of places (Luzon area only of course) to look for I-cafes and research on what is hot and what is not in those areas. This would help give some more data for the company in order to plan for better marketing and promotion of WKPH. Also, since I can only stop at one I-cafe for a few minutes, I don't have much time to sit down and get a few minutes to log on into the site.

Anyway, back to office work. I still need to catch up with the latest happenings here about the game and all, so I'll keep you guys updated (and no worries, I'll try my best to give out daily updates, just like before >_< ).

And oh! The forums is back. You could post with me there too for more updates on wonderking PH!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Update: Nov 17, 2009

The forum is back and everyone are invited to spot some of the bugs that I missed.

I apologize if this had taken longer than I expected but the problem was because of so many tasks at hand like as you may recall last month translations/editing of game scripts, debugging/scripting/coding of the website, alpha test and more alpha test, designing of Philippine exclusive items *hint* *hint*, event planning with TragOul, and as well other task at hand not to be mentioned.

Also worth mentioning is the inconvenience yesterday which was now fixed! So even if visitors would point their browser to www.wonderkingph or it is still ok no more 403 errors!

And lastly for our *hopefully* last alpha test before the game would go to beta, we were currently discussing with the devs and debating if cbt would be just one time or two and other matters. Gah, I think I'll bash my head to my desk with loads of issues at hand. Or maybe I'll just facepalmed myself.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Update: Nov 16, 2009

On this weekend last minute decisions from the higher ups to changed the web host to a more superior one.

Also my browser is being haywire today as it can’t access our domain while my Boss can. I can’t even fix it myself because the new host is in a language the higher ups they only could understand.

Anyhow I hope the visitors wouldn’t experience I am having difficulty with our site. If ever you have this inconvenience as I am, point your browser to instead.

As for the updates for the game, we have been told to have new alpha test for the game which the recent script are implement. The best news so far is that the devs don’t have any qualms for the script. I was expecting they would ask the pinoy jokes and pop culture reference there.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Trag Oul is on field!!

As the title says it, im currently on field work. I must also say that i may not be able to give much updates especially that im not inside the office.

GM Noir will be the one handling game related concerns atm as i go do research work for marketing and promotions. I'll be updating you guys from time to time though!!!!

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Update: Nov 1, 2009

Last Friday the servers’ transfer was a breeze. The bad news is with the hardware itself. It seems the host would probably have major hardware maintenance and maybe an upgrade to the servers. From security to stress test I think we would have our hands full this week. They [host] surely keep quality in their work huh? Good to know.

Also the devs have their test to do with the scripts I hope they won’t complain of the Filipino humor on it. I wonder what is keeping them so long... They [devs] may understand the English language but they won’t get the Pinoy jokes here and there. There would also be pop culture references as well.

Sigh~ Another day, another peso.