Tuesday, December 29, 2009

New Client Available For Download

We have a new client installer for WonderKing PH. The new client is already patched, so no need to download other patches once it is installed. We only have direct download as a source for getting the new client but we’ll make a torrent file for everyone as soon as possible. Once downloaded, please uninstall and delete all WK files before installing the new client. Also please remove all temporary files and cookies after installing.

Players who can already access WonderKing Online need not to re-download.

We apologize for this inconvenience and thank you for understanding.

Download link for the new Client:

WonderKing Management

Regarding Patch Errors when running the Launcher

There are still a lot of players who cannot get into the game. Let’s enumerate the problems and make a solution for this. I’ll post this one up here so everyone could read in just one place.

Problem: Client is still in “Under Maintenance”

Reason: There are still some old WonderKing files in your temporary files.

Solution: Delete the temporary files using Ccleaner (open Ccleaner and hit on “Run Cleaner”, after cleaning, try opening the launcher. Wait for a couple of minutes for the game to patch.

Problem: Client is stating: “There is no file in the server”

Probable Reason: Your client is looking for a different server that is not a PH server.
We informed everyone to delete other WK clients as it will have conflicts in our server. The root of this problem may come from the other client or other WonderKing file that is still inside your system.

1. Uninstall other versions of WonderKing + your currently installed WKPH client
2. Delete all leftover files and folders from both uninstallations
- For WKNA, the files should be located under C:\Ndoors. Delete the whole Ndoors folder
- For WKPH, it is located under C:\Program Files\Ryu&Soft\wonderking\ . Delete the whole Ryu&Soft folder
3. Clean your Temporary Files. This can be done via Ccleaner (open Ccleaner and hit “Run Cleaner)
4. Install WKPH
5. Run Ccleaner again and clean the files left after installing WKPH
6. Open your launcher and check if will start patching.

This is just a test solution, and would ensure that you have a clean installation of the client. If the solution does not work, please report it to us and provide screenshots if possible.

Pre-CBT Update: 12/29/2009

Good day!
Yes, a lot of players are now over-excited to play WonderKing Online. But, before we go to that, I would like to inform you guys about some things first.

Please report any bug that you might encounter in-game. We tested most of the bugs, but we are still not sure if we have encountered all of them. So to be on the safe side, please post your bug reports in the forums and we’ll let the dev team look at your concerns. Please include screenshots if possible, since giving out screenies will definitely speed up the process of resolving the issue.

As for translation errors, we are already aware of most of them. Please do not report errors about NPC balloons being not readable, as we already know about this. Instead, please do report any unmatched texts, like you need to hunt this item, but the item has a different name.

The errors most of you encounter during installation are caused by corrupted files. If this is the case, please re-download the game to have a fresh client ready for installation. Please also be reminded to uninstall other WK clients and delete the leftover files and folders after uninstalling. Cleaning up of temporary files is recommended to have a clean install of WKPH. If you have problems in downloading the client, please use torrent, as we are already having huge traffic from the direct download.

Only a few hours left before the server opens. Have a great WonderFeeling and see you all inside!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Update: 12/28/2009

Wow, I cannot believe how far this has been taken us. This will be the last update… before going to Closed Beta! Weee!

Okay, firstly, we would like to thank all of you guys for tirelessly supporting WonderKing Online. Without you guys, I wouldn’t be that busy sending out Beta Keys! :lol: Seriously, you guys have made this game possible. So as I always say, do not thank me, we are the ones who should be saying “thank you” to all of our loyal fans. Bah! Enough with the “cheesy” talk, here are your updates.

We only have around 60 Beta Keys left. That’s right, we never actually thought of getting so many users in our Closed Beta Phase. What’s more, more people are getting eager to get Keys so they could play tomorrow. Huh! Better hurry up for those who still want to get keys. Those 500 will be the only Keys we’ll be giving away. After that, there will be no more. For the client download, it is still running of course, and it will continue to be up until we end the Closed Beta Phase. There is also a rumored error in installing WonderKing Online. This error comes up when installing WKPH into your computer. To clear things a little bit: if the error message says “error in extracting Wonderking.msi” or something like that, it means the file (which is the wonderking.msi) file is corrupted. This is caused by an error while you are downloading the game. If this is the cause, please re-download the game or better yet, use torrent as torrents will give out a better client once you finish downloading.

As directed by the management, WonderKing Online should work well with Windows 7, although if you are encountering problems in installing (except if the error is the same as the one above), please report it to us via the forums. Also please include some screenshots so we could have a better picture at what your computer is getting.
Next up: the events. Since WonderKing will start during the holidays, please give us an excuse as we shall not be online starting from December 30, up to January 3, 2010. The servers will still be open but you may not be able to see us in-game to celebrate the New Year. Our events will start on January 4, 2010 instead.

Now that’s the update for this day. Finally, I can smoke a cigarette without thinking so much about WonderKing! See you guys inside WonderKing tomorrow! Weeeee!!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Client Download Now Available!

The much awaited client download is already available! You may now download and install WonderKing Online!

A reminder: please uninstall other WonderKing Online clients (including NDoors WonderKing Client) before installing as this may cause errors when launching WKPH. The cause is already known and the developers are currently working on it. Please perform a clean uninstall and delete the folders and files left after uninstalling the other clients. Also may we remind you to clean up your temporary files after installing WonderKing Online.

You may use this program to clean up your temporary files safely and securely:

What are you waiting for? Download na!!


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Update: 12/22/2009

Okay, the date has been said, the keys are being given away, and the client download will be available this week. We also have plans on the CBT period up until the cooldown time (which comes after Closed Beta). A statement first: the CBT period may or may not last for 10 days. It may last more than 10 days or possibly less than 10 days. This is would depend on issues that we may encounter in-game. And since you know that CBT is for testing, we are not yet 100% convinced that the game would be stable.

Now, since everything has been settled, I would like to give notice to everyone that due to the upcoming Christmas holiday, we shall also take some time off. I would just like to give this off to you guys so just in case you have questions, please do be informed that we might not be able to answer all of your questions or concerns (I want to spend some time with my family this Christmas as well, you know). But I’ll make a point that I would take some time to visit you guys during this long holiday. Our holiday will start tomorrow, December 23, and we will be back on Monday, December 28.

If the download will not be available by today, we shall upload it sometime before CBT starts (even if it’s a holiday) so you guys could get your clients ready.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Update: 12/21/2009 (Part 2)

Yes, Part 2 of the update. Ok, I’ve already sent most of the keys to the players already. It’s still taking me a while for me to send keys to everyone on Facebook but I’ll guarantee you guys that you shall have your Beta Keys before CBT launches ( don’t blame me if it comes late, it’s a part of FB’s system).

Now that you guys have your Beta Keys, Yes, yes, I know, you’re all getting too much excited about the launch. Please remember, we still have one more task in this, and that is the download. The dev team is working on the client already and will be available for download anytime soon. You might want to check the download section from time to time to be sure that you’ll be one of the first guys to download the game.

And one more update before I end this post: Check out the link I provided below, I’m sure you won’t regret it once you click it!


Teehee! Merry Christmas! LOL!

Update: 12/21/2009

As I write this update, I already sent some of the Beta Keys already to a few players, particularly those who won in the Blog event, and the players who sent in their e-mails in Facebook. By the time you read this, your Beta Keys should already be waiting inside your e-mail, or is inside your inbox in Facebook.

This turned out to be harder than I expected. I was only able to send 20 Beta Keys via Facebook’s message feature. Actually, it asked me for captchas once I sent the 7th key. I still have to wait for some time before the “cooldown” of this security feature from Facebook would again let me send messages without that security block. So as I said in FB’s wall, those who sent their e-mail addresses will be prioritized (and thus, already there in their e-mails) while those who did not send , and decided to just wait it out, will get their keys a little later on. An addition, since this block kills much of my time, I might finish sending all of these keys by next week. Apologies if you are one of those players who might receive their Keys at a later time.

Anyway, the mini-event “guess the release date” will finish sometime this afternoon. So for those who still want to try it out, better start guessing already! And oh, one tip: I think you guys better start setting your computer clocks to the right date and time!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Update: 12/18/2009

I'm not at work today guys. Today's my kid's christmas party and embarrasing as it is, we forgot about buying a gift (exchange gift purposes, and gifts for teachers (lucky teachers :lol: )) and i still had to go to a mall to buy one. Anyway, on with the show.

I might not be able to go to work today but I still have an update. Yesterday we already took plans on making a torrent as a download option for the client. Today I'll test it and will coordinate with [GM] Noir for trying out the download. Why need to test the torrent you ask?because the torrent will be on a seedbox (better search google about "seedbox" to know what that does). We are expecting high bandwidth for this option and if players have high connections, can maximize the download rate without any hassles. Good thing is that we do not need any computer staying online just to seed, and seedboxes proposed a 1000Mbit connection which you could totally abuse for downloading the client (if you have a 1mb download rate, you could get it at that speed or even more).

We'll test it further to avoid complications later on. Also, keep guessing about the cbt date, a lot of good guesses are already made!

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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Mini-event: Guess the CBT Release Date!

Okay, I’ll give something to boost up your excitement in WonderKing Online. Let’s make a mini-event for this CBT period. The player who will guess the exact release of WonderKing Online PH Closed Beta will get a fashion set of my choice (Hat, Coat, Pants, Shoes, Gloves, Hair, Face, Accessory, Mantle) + 20 pieces of server megaphone and a white day / blackboard bracelet. Only one will win this mini-event, and that one winner will only be the player who has all those equipment to use in CBT (nice huh!).

For those who want to join this event, post your guess on the link provided below:


Update: 12/17/2009

Sorry for giving no updates yesterday, we had a meeting concerning WK before going home, and totally forgot to give an update.

I cannot give you guys enough information regarding the meeting. It’s not purely confidential, but it might spoil everything if I say it out loud. All I can say for now is, watch out for upcoming changes. You might never know what to expect next, and I’m talking about everything that is involved with WKPH. As I stated, Beta Keys will be given away starting next week. I cannot ensure that I could give everyone their keys on Monday though, since FB will surely ask for captchas everytime we shall send a PM to each fan. It might take me up to Wednesday to give out the Keys to all players, not including I-café’s who have requested for Beta Keys. The 50 keys to Wonder-Port are already with them, so they’ll start giving it away on Monday too (they have a huge update on the fansite, so the site is temporarily down). As for downloads, we shall have three mirrors, one of which comes in parts (three or four parts to complete the full installer), and a torrent. We shall test all mirrors first before we actually give out the links, and they will be available via the Download Page of the site (be sure to check them from time to time, you’ll never know when will it be available!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Beta Keys Available at Wonder-Port!

We would like to announce that Wonder-Port is now giving away Beta Keys for WonderKing Online Philippines! They have 50 Beta Keys to be given away exclusive to Wonder-Port members!

That’s right! We have given 50 Beta Keys to Wonder-Port exclusive to their members for playing WonderKing Online Philippines! Wonder-Port is dedicated to players who love WonderKing Online. News, updates, events, tips, guides, and freebies are being given away (like Beta Keys for WKPH) to their members! Want to get a Key? Join their community and enjoy playing WonderKing Online!

Click the image below to go to Wonder-Port Site:

Update: 12/15/2009

The devs have been busy these past two weeks; they’re currently installing the patches one by one. They gave us an estimate that they could “probably” finish adding the patches by this week, but we cannot hold on to their word yet since it has been confirmed that there are other versions of WK going to be released as well (WKHK and WKTW I think). Since the patches are already being installed, once they are done this week or next week, we shall start giving away the Beta Keys.

Now as for the Beta Keys, I’m having some problems with the fans at Facebook since not all of them are posting their e-mail addresses (blog winners, no need to post your e-mail). Now here’s what we’re going to do: we’ll just send the keys to your FB accounts via messages (easier, since you just have to check your inbox in FB right?). That way, everybody will get their Beta Keys. It may take us some time though, since FB always checks for spam, and if we’re going to send 100+ Keys in FB, it may take some time. So I’ll send 20-30 keys per day starting next week, so you guys could already have your “much awaited” Beta Key :lol:. Next week hopefully I could also give you details regarding the download as well, as soon as the devs are finished with the patches, then we’re good to go.

So Beta Keys will be given out starting next week, I’ll keep you guys posted if I could give them out earlier (woot! Mga excited oh! Waaaa! :lol:)

Monday, December 14, 2009

Update: 12/14/2009

Reminder: I do not make updates during weekends and holidays (I’m at home, and I usually give those days to my family).

I see the FB fan page still keeps on gathering users. With no endorsements, ads, campaigns, or any type of promotion, I’m getting shocked on the players’ interest on WKPH. Thank you guys, for even though we are having a hard time promoting this game to the Philippines (as you know, being a new player in the business, we face some difficult challenges). Rest assured that we shall also start massive campaigns for WKPH soon (marketing is not really a part of my job description, so I have no exact idea on what are their plans, and when will they start). As part of this, there are also huge possibilities for live events and I-café freeplays. We’ll push those live events to our marketing (but we have to think of the budget too), so maybe soon enough, you’ll see us having an event in your favorite malls or even crashing into your favorite I-cafés.

We might consider that our FB page only has above 100 members at the moment, but it’s a start. We could always start small, but end up getting more and more players. We don’t want to rush things, since even I know that not all things could grow big overnight. Small steps, that’s all we need for now. And since you guys were the ones who claimed that this game has a high potential of becoming a hit, we’ll try our best to make it happen. Who knows? You guys might soon end up playing with too much lag because of overpopulated servers! :lol:

Friday, December 11, 2009

Update: 12/11/2009

Sorry guys if there was no update yesterday. I went overtime at the office doing something and it was needed to be done asap. Well, first priority would be that one since that one involves the soon to be “item mall” of the game. It’s not that we’re also rushing the item mall, but we also need to be prepared for it since the item mall would come out in Open Beta. Since CBT only has 10 days, we don’t have much time to work on it (better be prepared for everything!)

Speaking of the item mall, that’s the most common concern of players in this industry. The most common question will be “how much?”. The hard part in here is that we have to balance the prices. We cannot sell at a high price, because nobody would buy, we cannot also lower the price too much since the company might not get any income for future projects. We worked on these prices for about 5 months now, a lot of changes have been made in the prices just to make everything at a comfortable level. As we’ve discussed in the chatbox, one costume set would cost just about 80 pesos (headgear, clothes, shoes and gloves). I think that’s fair enough, since those packages are for lifetime use already. Although if you are going to buy per piece; you might end up spending more. A simple calculation is that in one package, you get 30-40% discount rate against buying those items one by one. But the good thing about the non-package items, is that you get to choose more. More choices so you could have your own sense of style in the game. For those who cannot afford that much, we also added the rental feature, which you could buy and use for a limit of 7 days or 30 days depending on your budget. And yes, there are also 1 peso items, small items that makes your hunt a bit easier (teleport stones cost 1 peso each) or just for the sake of having fun (channel shout is 1 peso, server shout is 2). In total, the items are not expensive, and not very cheap. Think of it as in between the two but maybe around 5-10% leaning to the cheaper price. Why set at those prices? We want everyone who plays our game be able to buy things too. We want to give everyone a chance to play this game and not envy people who could buy item mall stuff because they cannot afford the items.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Beware of the Jumping Panda

All right, after organizing my files in my computer and playing the alpha, I found this nice little trick. Though it won’t give infinite lives or ammos like those found on gmfqs:

Why did I post this you asked?

It’s just for the heck of it. It’s actually fun discovering this tricks in-game. It brings refreshment after all the grinding, leveling, questing, planning skill/stat points, and farming associated with MMOs.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Update: 12/9/2009

Hay… Head hurts… I’ve been busy this whole day. Well, at least this is my last job for the day: updates.

Facebook already has its 100 fans, so that means it’s already full. But since Facebook has gathered the players in just a short span of time, we shall add more accounts for it. We shall remove Friendster as a part of the giveaway and transfer the keys to Facebook instead. Those who posted in Friendster don’t need to worry, since we shall still add them to players who will get CBT keys. We only need to transfer them to FB since obviously, players now flock into FB replacing FS as their social network.

If these extra keys from FS still lack the total number of players who want to play in CBT, then we’ll add the keys in the forums as well. Other keys though, are reserved for I-cafes and fansites who requested for keys.

As for the challenges here in the blog, I’ll put them on hold while the keys in FB are still not used up. That way when all keys are gone, those who did not get keys will beg for mercy as I let them feel the pain before the pleasure of playing in CBT. Bwahahahahaha! :lol:

A lot of people are asking if I have already sent the Beta Keys. I don’t want to repeat the answer again, so this would be the last. No, they are not being sent yet. The reason for it is that there are still a lot of Beta Keys available and it would take us days to send immediately to players who have one. We plan on sending the keys once most of them are already taken so we shall just send them all within just two to three days time. The point is that we do not have to repeat the sending part over and over again everyday until we start CBT. These keys will not be sent by the system, but by us, since it will still take time to add another project: a program that would mass send the keys to the winners, instead of just focusing solely to the game. I hope this would clear things up. And oh, since FB will have more keys, All fans of WKPH’s FB fan page will get a Beta Key! So for those who still doesn’t have a key, go become a fan of WKPH in Facebook!

Challenge 2 Conclusion

Hmm… It’s funny to think that we got a lot of entries during challenge 1 but for this challenge, we did not even get up to 10 entries. Is the challenge hard? Or everyone is busy getting Beta keys in Facebook? (which happens to have around 10 keys left for reservation). Okay, let’s wrap up Challenge 2 so I can brew up a new challenge (still quite puzzled about the result though :lol:)

I was thinking of posting the winners’ entries, but some entries are long, and would probably take up a lot of space. So I shall just list the winners of this challenge.

Keihertz Besiño (edited)
Lee Teope
Luis Mendoza
Ray Ancajas
Ervin Santos
Nathaniel Antonio
Leonell Tamayo
Darwin Zambo

Congratulations to the winners!

Now, as for the next challenge, let me think first since there are a lot of users preferring to get their keys in Facebook. Since I still have 72 keys to go, I’ll keep the Challenge in “on hold” status first and let the players enjoy the Facebook giveaway. Once all keys in Facebook are depleted, then I’ll start another challenge *teehee*

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Update 12/8/2009

The accounts were being done today. They were actually done since yesterday, but now, the accounts are being merged to the game server. At the same time these accounts are being activated, the GM accounts are also being done. As you know, GM accounts should be different, this is for players to know that they are speaking to an ordinary player or a GM. As you can see the image below, my name is not yet a GM character (anyway, that account is for test purposes only):

So they are making our accounts which you guys would be able to see once CBT starts (don’t worry, we’ll appear in-game). Question: Can we play right now? Answer: Yes. Although our Alpha test is over, we can still access the game. The reason why players still cannot download the client is due to the fact that the patches are still being done atm. Fixes, they do really eat up some time. But we need to be patient on this to speed up the devs’ work. Also at the same time that they’re working on our server, other servers (yes, besides from PH and NA, there is another server that is coming out) are being fixed as well. So while the devs are at it, I am busy meddling with the events. Planning, creating, scheduling, then re-scheduling, It’s hard work. Not to mention thinking about new events of course, and the prizes included in those events. All in all, I made 11 events for the prospected 10 days of Closed Beta (which includes the game, forums, and Facebook), I think it’s fair to say that those 11 events would be final and scheduled for Closed Beta already (there’ll be about 100+ items to be given away, not including bonus events like monster spawns and experience multipliers). And for those who wonder: the most hard fought events will have prizes carried over to Open Beta, so the prizes are yours forever and ever.

I’m still thinking on how the Closed Beta will go. I’m not sure yet of what will happen during that time since being the events GM, it’s kinda embarrassing if I make an event that no one participated. Ugh! I’m thinking of too much. I might find all the answers once CBT starts (excited and nervous :lol:)

Monday, December 7, 2009

Update: 12/7/2009

Yes, still back with the updates. As we can see, everyone’s quite excited about the Closed Beta Test. Now there are 500 Keys. Yes, we made it 500 (it was supposed to be 100 remember?) just in case there are more players who want to play WonderKing Online. This will be very hard to do, since promotion of the game is still on hold (everything went on hold since the delay started). Promotions will start during the cooldown period between CBT and OBT. But for now, there are a lot of Beta Keys, so don’t rush to get one. ^_^

What happens to the excess keys? If there are excess keys, we shall hand them over to I-café organizations and/or to I-café owners who want to get Beta Keys. Why? We cannot give them just one key for their whole shop to test. Besides, home players only needed one Beta Key to participate into the game. Now we shall do this as such:

If there will be excess keys (and I’m sure there will be), we shall give them to I-café owners. Now we shall keep only 50 keys from the excess, this is for in case there are still players who want to get Beta Keys but are “late” in getting them (I’m prepared for this one, hay… pinoy time nga naman). So, if you have a friend, or maybe you know an I-café who wants to get Beta Keys for WonderKing Online, they may e-mail me thru my personal e-mail address (erik.cordero@live.com) with the subject “I-café Beta Key request”. They must place the following in the said e-mail so we could have a reference regarding the I-café:

I-café name
City / Region where shop is located
Landline / Cellphone #
e-mail address of the owner

This way, I could add these I-cafes to the list who will get Beta Keys and if there are extra keys, will distribute evenly amongst I-cafes. As this company is a new player coming to the Philippines, it would be best if we start at this way first and the rest would follow through.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Challenge 1 Conclusion and Challenge #2

Wow, I never imagined how excited all of you guys are in getting a Beta Key! As I stated, on this first Challenge, the first 20 entries will win Beta Keys. After 18 hours since this challenge started, all the slots have been filled up! Okay, as I have said, I will announce the winners of Beta Keys in this first challenge. Congratulations to all the winners!

Azriel Pica
Lloyd Bugzz
Jordan Baccay
Jennifer Eubanks
lincoln brunell
gerald rosellon
Lester Enclona
Felipe Batan
Jerome Conal Sia Sin
raprap ralph
Chris Emilson Hernaez
Lester Go
Carlo Lee
joshua barcena
Migo Mi
Albert Lim
Rudie Skakabob
gilbert sales
Patrick Hidalgo
owell atienza

These are the names that appeared on your e-mail. Congratulations to these first 20 winners of Beta Keys! We shall send you an e-mail regarding your login information for WKPH CBT soon.

As for sending the Beta Keys, we shall do a massive distribution once we have gathered all 500 players. We shall give an announcement in all affiliated sites of WKPH to give everyone a heads up. So to all who have, and will have Beta Keys, keep your e-mail addresses active as we shall send your Beta Keys there.

On the other hand, we might not be able to refrain some players to get more than one Beta Key. We shall not go against that, but please be courteous and give others a chance to experience WonderKing Online. If you get more than one key, please give another key to a friend so they too can play the game. Otey ba tayo lahat dun????

On with the next Challenge. This time, you must use your wits on this challenge. Answer the question with the best you could think of and the best 20 answers will get a Key (no, not the first 20... The Best 20). All answers must be sent to me again thru my personal e-mail (erik.cordero@live.com) with the subject "Beta Key Challenge 2" (obviously...). Also a reminder: I only want to have one e-mail per player, double entries would mean disqualification (accidental double send is okay). So give your only entry your best. Also, if the name in your e-mail is not your real name, please include your full name in your entry. Ok, time for the question:

If you are a WonderKing GM, what would you do to make the community more peaceful and lively?

Start of the Challenge! Go! (Challenge ends on Tuesday,December 8, 2009)

Friday, December 4, 2009

Event!!!! Catch the W Logo!!!!

Okay, you’ve heard the news. There are 500 Beta keys up for grabs, now I think that 500 are more than enough to start the Closed Beta Phase. Now let’s break it down first. Those 500 keys will be divided into 5 groups: 100 for the forums, 100 for Facebook, 100 for Friendster, and I have 100 of my own to give away which I will use here in the blog. The other 100, well, it is reserved for I-café owners in ULOP so they could also test WKPH (If you are an I-café owner and a member of ULOP, just logon to ULOP’s site and post at the thread provided or PM me inside ULOP’s forums).

So let’s see, some are already requesting for a challenge here in the blog. I was actually thinking of starting this one next week, but since some are requesting for it, I’ll give out the first challenge already.

As you know, playing online games are not that easy, you also got to have some skills (naks, as if playing is a sport!). One specific skill that I would like to test among you guys is being alert. Yes, this is needed for online games, especially in PVP. Now to test that, I want you guys to find this logo:

Yes, this is the mini logo of WK, so you have to find it in this picture:

Now, save this picture, find just one logo, encircle it using any of your image editing program (paint will do), and e-mail it to me to my personal e-mail address (erik.cordero@live.com) with the subject: "Beta Key Challenge 1". Now don’t try to cheat and place another logo on the picture, I have my own cheat sheet here so I know where I placed all of the logos. There are 9 logos in there but I only require you guys to find one. Easy? Well, that’s the easy part.

I am only giving away 20 keys for this challenge, so the first ones to send me an e-mail with correct entries gets the key! I’ll post in this blog the winners of this event. So, why are you still reading this? Start now!

News: Closed Beta Key Giveaway!

That’s right! As you’ve heard it, advanced passes are being given away to lucky players to play WonderKing Online Philippines Closed Beta Test! We only have 500 of these keys so better make a move now before you ran out! Where to get those keys? Here are you options:

Option 1: Design your signature in the Forums

We have opened a new thread in the forums where you could send in your signature designs. Design your own signature and be one of the 100 players to gain a beta key!

Click HERE to go to the signature design contest

Option 2: FaceBook

So, you don’t have skills in designing? Worry not! Try your luck in FaceBook then! If you have a Facebook account, just “Become A Fan?of the new WonderKing Philippines?Facebook page and post a comment on any photo or video uploaded on the page. We shall randomly pick 100 winners in Facebook, so try to win your luck!

Click Here to go to Facebook Fan Page

Option 3: Friendster

Okay, you’re still in old school. You don’t have a Facebook account. There’s still hope! We are also giving away passes in Friendster! Relive you old Friendster account and join the group “WonderKing Philippines? Put a post in the thread: “Beta Key Giveaway!?and we shall randomly pick 100 winners from the thread!

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Option 4: Blog

This time, let your wits come to play as [GM] Trag Oul will give out puzzles, questions, and challenges for players! In five days, [GM] Trag Oul will give out challenges and every day, players will win Beta Keys! Think you could handle the challenge?

You have 4 ways in joining this limited event, so what are you waiting for? Feel The Wonder and Experience the Fun in WonderKing Philippines! ^_^

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Update: 12/3/2009

Change of plans people. Instead of 100 keys, there will be 500 keys to be given away. And the event will be extended from one week to ten days. But all of this will take a cost: This will only be the Closed Beta Test of WKPH.

To clear things up: Closed Beta Test will run for 10 days. To gain access, you must have a Beta Key (which is a combination of username and password). We shall be creating 500 Beta Keys so players may try out WKPH CBT. No more open registrations for Closed Beta, this means the Closed Beta Period shall have limited access. Registrations will be opened before the start of Open Beta.

Remember, only 500 Beta Keys will be given away. So better be prepared as we’re giving those away soon!

Hint: I used to have a collection of TGIF shirts (no, not the series, the restaurant). I dunno, maybe because of the name TGIF that’s why I collect ‘em.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Update: 12/2/2009

Time for another update.

Well, we’ve sent the extra changes that we want to the devs today. No, they are not bugs, the extra graphics that need to be changed. It’s hard to be on rush the whole time that I actually missed some things that need to be changed. No worries though, there are just 20 images that were added, and all of them are pictures, so no major damage done in launching WKPH.

Our big boss has been busy recently, he always go out of the office, coordinating with the company’s workforce to fix the problem with the login. The login works properly at the web, only merging the database so players could login is the only problem of the devs. Registration won’t open until this has been fixed, so we have to hope for the best. Anyway, we expect some great news tomorrow regarding this matter. After all, there’s no more stopping our CBT this month, the only remaining question is, when is the exact date.

*crosses fingers* I hope we do get an exact date within this week or next week. It certainly would be a payoff to sacrificing my health! :lol:

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Update: 12/1/2009

Sorry for having no updates during the past three days guys. As usual, I don’t get online during weekends and holidays, I also have a life besides work and games of course (family matters first). Delayed updates for today since I’m finishing up my work.

Registration for Closed Beta Test is projected to start on Friday, December 4, 2009. Everyone may start registering by then to participate in the CBT period of WonderKing PH. This is not yet final guys, please do wait for further announcements.

A few clearing up of the current speculations:
Yes, there will be an advanced testing, but these are limited compared to the real Closed Beta Test. During that advance testing, only players who have beta keys will be able to play, after that, closed Beta will commence and everyone who registered into the game (via the web registration of course) may play the game.

Okay, gotta get home now… Phew! My cold is killing me! *sniff*