Friday, October 30, 2009

Update: Oct. 30, 2009

If I won’t be able to answer in the cbox today, it means that we’re transferring the server to its permanent location.

Well, it’s still 9 AM by the time I post this. We still have to wait for the locator’s office to open and we still have to coordinate with them whether or not we’d be able to transfer the server to theirs (holiday issue). If not, well, we just have to try next week if the odds are good (and if we’re not busy, that is). We’re testing some more things in the game atm, so we could plan for more events (to build up 3 or 4 months with all planned events) and at the same time, check if we might encounter some problems. In my personal test alone, I haven’t even reached Hellen (but I’m already done with Francis). The graphic corrections were already sent yesterday and now I’ll just make sure that we’re not missing some things.

And oh, for those who are in the Luzon area, take extra care of yourselves for this coming weekend. I believe the storm “Santi” will hit land by tomorrow morning. Better be careful and be ready for it.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Update: Oct. 29, 2009 (Happy Birthday! Weeee!)

Of course! I have to make an update today! (to make it memorable for me… hehehehe). I’ll give you updates about the events this time. There’ll be four confirmed events in cbt. Two of them are for in-game and two outside WKPH. There’s one more to be added but I still have to think if I’ll push it through CBT or just leave it to OB instead. Of course, all prizes of the major events will be given to OB. As for the CBT events, we made special events to make your testing (or perhaps, venturing) easier. We added an “exchange portion” in to the event in which we’ll call out an item for you to exchange with us to get refines. No worries though, we shall only call out mats. This way, you’d be able to test more on the refining part of the game (and for you guys to find out how far could you go to refining). As an added bonus to save up money, we shall sell potions in the open market for 1 zed each. This one will focus you more on buying equipment (for “basagan mode”). Also, we’ll modify the experience gain starting on the fifth day of the test as a bonus for those who want to power level in CBT (I dunno why people try to reach the highest level in CBT, there’ll be a wipe anyway). Everything else will be there, including monster spawns, and maybe on the last day, we’ll change all NPC sales to 1 zed (if possible). That’s the plan for CBT. If you guys want more, then we’ll put up more for you.

On the other hand… It’s Chismis time!!! Okay, here’s the latest news we’ve gathered. There’s still one thing missing out on WK, which is the PK (Player Kill) mode. Now according to “our sources” Nux! After everything has settled the next project of the dev team is to make a PK map. It’ll be coming soon though, since that part is still on development. Of course, since you guys saw WKNA, there will be a 4th job (or 3rd job advance). And there are still maps even us cannot go through yet, meaning there are still a lot of things to expect as time goes by. Yes, the PVP system was a recent attachment so there is a lot of testing to be done on that part.

Ok, till next time on your favorite WK Chismis show! Nyahahahaha!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Update: Oct. 28, 2009

Today is a fairly busy day. We have to budge in into the servers for maintenance. The game’s server has now been updated and maintained in preparation for WKPH. It also means that the server will be transferred into another company to do that co-locating thing or whatever you call that thing-a-madoodle. (Sorry, I’m a techie, but NOT THAT geek type)

Anyway, the plan for transferring the game server will be around this week or next week, we still have to pave way for the upcoming holiday of course. After that, the real tech crews will be the ones who will handle all maintenance of the servers. So if any problems come up, it will go directly to the devs (thank God).

Too bad my birthday is tomorrow. No worries though. Next year, when my birthday comes up, I’ll give out a 200% experience gain to the whole WKPH server (Nux!)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Update: Oct. 27, 2009

The splash page is already up... We'd like to ask about your comments in the splash page if it's ok or not.

We are planning to make huge major announcements using splash pages so you guys would have easy and surprising notifications in what's going to happen next in WonderKing. Also, we already took the slogan: "FTW: Feel the Wonder" by Skinny as our first choice for the winners in the slogan quest. If there are still players who want to join the event, you can do so by posting your entry here in this post and we'll "manually" update the entries. Remember that there are still 2 slots left for our choices of winners. I'll add here the image of the event for those who want to check the mechanics. We'll probably end this contest by the first day of our closed beta period (same as with friendster) Remember to be creative on your post guys!

Next up, we'll think of an event for facebook.

Mechanics for Slogan Quest:

Monday, October 26, 2009

Update: Oct. 26, 2009

Surely hate mondays... Why does all bad surprises come in mondays anyway? Yes, we are already aware of the situation and we are now in contact with the company wherein the servers are located. There might be an issue that's happening inside (whether a hack attack or just their technical failure, we're still not sure).

We've been testing the game in the past few days, and we're thinking of some changes in the cbt. As we've first said, we'll limit the lvl cap to 30. But I think it might be rightful if we should raise the cap a little higher. We might even remove the lvl cap for CBT but it still is on the meeting table. Of course, after the whole period of CBT, there still should be a wipe. We're just planning on making the test worthwhile for the players. Maybe a simple reward to be carried in Open Beta for those players who reach a certain level.

More updates will come up... I'll give you guys a final note on what to expect in cbt soon.

P.S. Beda lost... T_T

Friday, October 23, 2009

Update: Oct. 23, 2009

Aww... Red lions lost game 1. (Beda fight fight!)

Doing some tests today. We're checking for graphic changes that should be done in WK. Example, the logos will be changed to WKPH logo etc. There's a lot of work to be done, Well at least the game is on the move. Too bad if it weren't.

Anyway, a busy day for us. I'll keep you guys updated...

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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Update: October 22, 2009

Ok... Scripts are done. All scripts are now back to the dev team and they're going to check if there are errors. I thoroughly checked the scripts I made and I'm confident that there will be no major mishaps on testing the scripts.

We expect to hear some news by next week, and now we have to prepare the servers (maintenance of course) so transferring of files will be a breeze.

We apologize for the long delay and we thank our loyal fans for not letting WKPH down. Through the months of challenges WK has faced, you guys are still there, eagerly awaiting for the release of the game. Again, we sincerely appreciate the support you have given us. As we are preparing for the awaited release, we shall continue on giving you updates (especially now that my work is finally done) to give you more information on what's happening in WK.

Thank you all so much for your continued support.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Update: Oct. 19, 2009

Sorry for the long wait about updates guys… I wasn’t able to go online that much due to the heavy work on my part. The scripts are giving me a hard time. Before I only have to check for misspells in some words and adding stuff for added interest. Now, I have to count every character = byte that would fit in the system. That’s the reason why I cannot go online that much, I have to concentrate on this part or else everything will fall to pieces.

As a rough estimate… ok, ok, I’ll make it clear first. THIS IS A ROUGH ESTIMATE. Open Beta will be launched at most will be sometime in November. But there will still be CBT of course. This would mean CBT might start at the end of October. This may come sooner if we could finish all tasks in target time (Wednesday this week). So I apologize for not going online. I’m just rushing things to release this game sooner. All eyes are on me now, so I have to focus on this more. (Yes, devs are just waiting for the fixes on scripts).

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Update: Oct. 13, 2009

We got the return of the test in the scripts today; we were given directions to change some things that the old translations have. We have to make some changes in the scripts since in the alpha test, some scripts exceed the “boxes” allotted for the text. Some even still have errors in it (like every space in the code would mean an error in the script. And there are also limitations on how much text we place in each npc, item, mission, etc.

Anyway, we still have the original ones, and there are only a few mistakes. We can bring this up again to the devs within this week, and after that, we shall re-test the scripts and do further tests on other things on the game (pvp, shops, trade, etc.).

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Update: October 08, 2009

I’ve arranged the lists of events to be made today, and as a thank you to all you players, CBT will start off with 5 events. Well, the first two are already on the way, which are the slogan quest and the Friendster event. These two events will be decided during CBT, so you could still catch up for a chance to win the prize. There are still three more, which will include a screenshot event (this one will start during CBT) and two more which will be done in-game. Aside from that, we have decided to give you guys extra perks during the Closed Beta Phase, I fairly think that you guys would be happy about it and at the same time ease up our process of finding some bugs.

I also would like to open up the transition from CBT to OBT. IMO, it would be fair enough to wipe the entire data of the game to zero once Open Beta starts. This would be the wisest one since the everlasting word “balance” should stay as the top priority. Anyway, the prizes will be handed during the start of Open Beta. What’s more, the level cap is 30 for CBT, so there’s not much damage done with wiping out the server. I would also like to inform you that the transition from Closed Beta to Open Beta will have a cooldown period. Of course, we need that to add the newest fixes for bugs that we might see during CBT. It won’t take that long though; we do not want to keep you guys waiting any longer. Now once Open Beta starts, we’ll start off with a big bang. For one, we have finished planning for the timeline of events in the first month of Open Beta alone. A spoiler: we have eight (8) events on hand to give out to you players during that first month. Nah, I wouldn’t tell what are those events to keep you excited. And oh, the prizes are massive, there are a lot of items to be given away, great enough that you’d pee on your pants to excitement (lol, exaggeration).

So there, that’s the update for today. We’ll plan more ahead of time so we could all have more and more reasons to play WK (naks!)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Update: October 7, 2009

Another day another peso…. (LOL)

Ok, we’re waiting for the alpha client to come from the devs, so for the meantime, we keep ourselves busy. I’m done with the cash shop items, we’ll just test them out during our internal test to check if the names and descriptions are good, also at the same time to test out some items that I haven’t seen before (just to check what those items do, of course). [GM] Noir is back with a vengeance in his computer, staring mindlessly at the web source code in languages I do not even understand.

Anyway, I’m back to the old job, planning more and more events. I think I can fill up a whole year with events, I dunno. It’s kinda hard since I keep on squeezing my brain for things that would be interesting but without the limitations that other players have. Of course, I want everyone to enjoy the events that we made. I was also thinking of removing the level event in CBT, since the level cap for CBT is 30, I think almost everyone would be level 30 by the time CBT ends. So it would be unfair if we choose winners when everyone reached the limit. I’ll just think of another event in the Closed Beta to make up for that removed event.

Ok, back to work. Maybe I’ll post again later for the tomes.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Update: October 6, 2009

Well, as Suriel requested (special mention! Nux!), updates will be done every day. But please don’t reprimand or complain if I miss a day of not updating, it’s just too busy here at work and sometimes I do forget to post.

Since we are already done with the translations, other things are already on the way. [GM] Noir is currently fixing the bugs on the website (like in IE, the submenu flicks, it’s already done), he is also currently studying the code of the forums since maybe we missed something as to why it is not working properly. I am currently working on the Cash Shop (Item Mall). Yes, yes, the item mall still would take until OB before it would be shown, but since the translations are already done, we now have the complete list of all items and their names, descriptions etc. Now, all I have to do is make some changes in the list (so I don’t have to compare it to the Korean one with languages I don’t understand). After that, the data that I have for the Item Mall will be transferred to the server for update changes.

Oh, by the way, if you do wonder what items shall be released in the mall, well, I do not have the right to dictate on what should be released or not. All I can say is that there are about 200 items to be released on open beta alone. And no worries about the prices, from what I saw, the prices are just right. Not too cheap and not too expensive. Estimated prices? Hmm… let’s just say that you can buy a whole set of fashion clothes with your budget for 1 day, and that is for a lifetime’s use!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Update as of October 5, 2009

We were already done with the translations since last Thursday, October 1, 2009. But I was absent last Friday due to the typhoon Pepeng (my family has to prepare of course). Anyway, the translations are done. It is now being checked by our General Manager and after that, we will push on to testing the game.

As for major announcements, we shall notify everyone about the release of WKPH soon. We ask everyone to please cooperate with us since we are already in the homestretch in releasing the game. And as we have mentioned, the marketing team is continuously meeting with the management to promote the game in the Philippines. In the question of IP Blocking, we would like to say that only Philippine IPs will be allowed to play WKPH. This is due to the fact that the content is exclusively made for Philippine players. Also to keep the common interest of companies publishing WK, WKNA will block Philippine IP addresses. All effects will be made at the start of Open Beta or sooner.

Expected date of release? The clues are already given to you guys, further than that we shall not give anymore hunches. One thing that we can say is that WKPH will be here very soon.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Update as of October 1, 2009

Well, just came in on time today at the office and had an idea to give you guys some insight on what we are doing.

Well, they are in excel format of course, but they are saved on a different filename. which means that those lines you see there are the actual scripts you will see inside WK. You may notice some things that are different in the script, so wait till you see the game. At the start of our alpha test, we'll give you some screenies (and probably a video) so you get to see what is inside the PH vesion.

GM Noir is finishing his part of translations now and I am just double checking my work. This will be done by today and we could already pass it to our General Manager.

Just a few more and we're done!