Thursday, August 27, 2009

From the Tomes of Trag Oul: The Hunter

First Tome, Second Leaf

… Many of our heroes perished during the past encounters with the minions of the dark. Though most of them succeeded at first, many of them were consumed of corruption by the lord of darkness. Still, even death is at hand, many adventurers go at bay. I see them, young, inexperienced warriors boastful of their foolish attempts to destroy the evilness around us. Most of them do not even come back after a day of venturing. Some try to impress the females of our lands, most of them ended up begging for their lives in the hands of the devils. Some even venture just to salvage forgotten goods and riches outside of cities, selling goods for a high price amongst our citizens. People are still corrupted at heart, they are not even aware of the calamity that is around Esiore.

As I look at these dwellers go by, there was indeed one who proved me wrong. A human male, though young at age, but well built. His legs are suited for great agility, and are well suited for upcoming terrors. A hunter I presume, as he carries a wide bow, possibly able to reach huge distances with just one shot. Curiosity as I suspect, I followed this hero out in the woods. Extremely quiet, he dashes swiftly into darkness. Very agile indeed, as I see these woods very challenging with its twisted branches and elevated roots. At last I saw the hero enter a cave, stalking a minion of hell as like a lion stalks his prey. Reaching from his quiver he took one arrow, stretched his bow with total ease, and let go. A great flash appeared in the darkness of the cave, and I saw his arrow burning as it flew towards the monster. The fire did not burn the arrow, which then formed into something majestic. A bird of legend as what I believe, as its fiery wings flap towards its target. The flames went onto the monster, and unleashed a bright explosion. The demon dropped down dead, with flame marks on its chest and the arrow sticking through its back. My eyes turned into amazement as how this hunter faced of this creature. Which makes me wonder: “Is he the King?....”,

Images of what Trag Oul has seen during the whole venture following the Hunter:

Monday, August 24, 2009

From The Tomes of Trag Oul: New Areas

First Tome, First Leaf


…”And so it was the time when the enriched lands of Esiore were slaughtered by the demon’s army. Lands were burnt and citizens were slaughtered. Many have perished since the day Barlon has entered our realm. Every man who is eligible to fight did their part in facing the hellbound army; women and children suffered and were forced to group in towns. Every farm was ruined, every crop destroyed. The devils took over the lands, and people were forced to stay inside towns, were guards are safekeeping every gate and economies still revolve around the gates.

Many years might come by and the legions of Barlon still continue to threaten all of Esiore. But not all were affected by the threat, towns and cities still grew strong as the years went on with their economies flourishing. People still live by as if no danger is upon them. Great indeed are the words of the sage claiming of the king whom will banish all of evil. Words did relieve all the terror surrounding our people; I just hope the king would soon truly come…”


As the years went by, though Barlon continued to attack the lands, the people have still grown to live by it and managed to make the lands grow bigger and better. Changes in towns were made and new lands were discovered, awaiting each new adventurer as they pass by all of Esiore’s lands.

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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Preparations for WKPH

It has been a rough four weeks; some players might not know that. But here in our work, well, not all things have been going so easy. First off when the bad news came up that WKPH is delayed due to some unfortunate situations. It was a great setback indeed, but of course, we have to face the music. Players might not notice this, but I also want the game to be released as soon as possible. Why? I have tested this game of course, but I also want to play it. Not playing as a GM of course, I want to play this game too as a normal character. This type of work makes me miss the good ol’ days where I don’t have to think of anything but play all day long. Hay, have to go back to reality, this is work, not a game. Anyway, back to the topic. Now, not that I just want to play this game, there are also good preparations planned for WKPH.

Not that I am extremely proud of it, but ever since I was doing this work for RyuSoft, the company has made a pact that we shall give out the best service that we can provide. It was the legacy of the company back in Korea, and we plan to maintain that kind of treatment to players here in the Philippines. Buti na lang ako kinuha! Nyahahahaha! Kidding aside, we want the game to work and at the same time maintain the loyalty of our players. Well, right now the devs are working overtime just to hasten up the tweaks they are doing within the game. It’s very difficult kasi they’re not just working on the Philippine server, but the NA server as well. Good thing the NA server is from another company, while us, we are RyuSoft. The advantage is we can have exclusive items that NA doesn’t have. If I may recall, [GM] Noir wished to have exclusive items for our server like quail eggs, fish balls, tapsilog, and maybe some weird pets. Well, those are not just wishes; they are actual plans for our server. But it may take some time because right now there huge fixes to be done. The truth is, I’m proud of this server. Why? Because we have the latest version of WonderKing. Would you even believe that the Korean servers are still on version 1 and just adding small patches to make it version 2? While in our server, all of the changes will be implemented with just one patch. The bad news is, we are the second English server of WonderKing (first is NA of course), so there are major translations going on (don’t underestimate the translation process, some words actually have double, sometimes triple meanings even in the Korean Language), and since version 2 is a huge patch, everything must be tested first so that there would be no major glitches inside the game (as what the management says, everything should be perfect).

As for preparation, of course, we have to handle that. In CBT alone, we are already planning a lot of events just to make all of our players happy. Within a short span of time we have to maximize every event that we could imagine. Events like the highest leveler, screenshot event, and a “bring me event” are just a part of what to expect during CBT. We are thinking of more and more events for you guys to enjoy. And since our Closed Beta will be in a free registration format, everyone may be able to join in and have fun.

Hmmm, it seems that I’ve already said a lot about our plans
for the game. Well, all I can just say is wait till we see what’s inside WKPH.
You’ll never know what to expect with us around! *teehee!*

Monday, August 17, 2009

From the Tomes of Trag Oul: Monsters part 2

Third tome, second leaf

“… Barlon never did get contented in revenge for the sage’s threat. His army charged all humans with pure hatred, destroying farms and cities. His minions have taken all forms, gathering bodies from humans, to the simplest lifeform, manipulating every captured body into mediums of unleashing terror in Esiore. This caused the humans confusion, as to which who are real humans and who are not. Those who made mistakes perish, while others hid inside the walls of the cities.

New heroes appear as the minions of darkness grow. But little did the warriors know that the devils have grown so much, they outnumber the heroes twenty-to-one. How will they ever defeat such a formidable army? Is there any other chance of hope? Only time will tell… For now….”

Friday, August 14, 2009

Common FAQs about WonderKing PH

Okay, we noticed a lot of questions going around the forums at the moment. Some even post spam just to get our attention. May we remind you that we are aware of your concerns, some questions are just too repetitive that the answers are already inside the forums. So for your convenience, we’ll place this FAQ thread in this section so that all common questions can be answered in one page. You may then post your other questions in the forums as a reply so that this thread would be the main place for your concerns about WonderKing Online.

Q. When will WK PH be released? Kailan po ilalabas ang WonderKing?

A. There is no final announcement about the Philippine release of WonderKing. As of the moment the development team is working nonstop to fix major issues inside the game. We cannot determine the exact date at the moment since every day, there is a bug being discovered in the system. We are just waiting for the final say of the dev team if it’s already okay to launch WonderKing.

Wala pong final announcement sa paglabas ng WKPH. Hanggang ngayon po nagtatrabaho ng todo ang dev team naming para maayos ang lahat ng sira sa game. Hindi pa po naming masabi ang eksaktong araw dahil bawat araw po ay mayroong bagong bug na lumalabas. Hinihintay lang po naming ang go signal ng dev team para ilabas po ang WK sa Pinas.

Q. Why can NDoors players play WK already, but we can’t? Bakit po ang NDoors, nalalaro na ang WK, dito kahit beta wala pa?

A. They actually announced their release of WK earlier than us, which means that eventually, they would really start ahead of the PH version. They are already in the Beta stage, while our version is still in Alpha Testing. Both versions are actually the same but both have different servers, which may cause different problems.

Nauna po talaga ang announcement nila ng release kaysa sa atin, kaya malamang po na sila talaga mauuna. Nasa Beta stage na po sila, tayo po, Alpha Test pa lang. Magkaparehas po ang version ng sa atin at sa kanila pero magkaiba po ang server, kaya may pagkakaiba din po ng mga problema.

Q. Will there be an IP Block once WK PH goes live? May IP Block po ba pag naopen na ang PH server?

A. Yes. There will be an IP Block. This is to protect the common interest of all companies publishing WonderKing Online. The PH Version will block non-PH IPs and shall also block PH IPs from playing the NA version. Any other country might soon be unblocked in our server but there is still no final word.

Opo. Magkakaroon po ng IP Block. Para po hindi masira ang common interest ng mga kumpanya na maglalabas ng WonderKing Online. Ang PH version po ay magbblock ng mga IP na hindi sa pinas at ang mga pinas na IP ay hindi makakalaro sa NA version. Ang mga iba pong bansa ay maaaring mabuksan sa server natin pero hindi pa po final ang desisyon.

Q. There will be an IP Block but why can we still play the NA version? Magkakaroon po ng IP block pero bakit nakakalaro pa po kami ng NA version?

A. The IP Block is still not implemented at the moment because the Philippines still did not release the PH version. It’s also a better way for you guys to have your first look on what to expect on WonderKing. Once the PH version goes live, the IP Block will be in effect.

Hindi pa po nilalagay ang IP Block dahil wala pa po ang PH version ng WK. Mas mabuti din po ito para malaman nyo na po ang gameplay ng WonderKing. Pag lumabas na po ang PH version, magkakaron na po ng IP Block

Q. I have the NA version installed in my computer, once you go live can I just patch this one and be able to play the PH version? Nakainstall po ang NA version sa PC ko, pag ok na po ba ang WonderKing, pwede po ban a magpatch na lang ako at makakalaro na ako ng PH version?

A. The answer is no. The patcher of that game is configured to automatically connect to the NA servers. It will not patch to our version of WK and will definitely not connect to our server.

Ang sagot po ay hindi. Ang patcher po ng laro nila ay kumokonekta ng kusa sa NA server. Hindi po siya magpapatch sa server natin at lalong hindi kokonekta sa server natin.

Q. Why can’t I download the PH version of WK? Bakit po hindi ko madownload ang PH version ng WK?

A. The client is still not accessible for download since there are still some fixes being done in the game. The game will be available for download weeks before the start of our Beta Phase.

Hindi pa po pwede madownload ang game dahil madami pa pong inaayos sa WKPH. Pwede pong madownload ang WKPH client mga ilang linggo bago magsimula ang Beta Phase natin.

Q. Are we still having a Closed Beta? Or is it straight to Open Beta? May Closed Beta pa po ba tayo? O didiretso na po sa Open Beta?

A. There is still no confirmation if we are going straight to Open Beta. Even if the server is fully fixed, we still have to make sure by beta testing the game. Areas like the Item Mall still have to be tested for bugs and errors. The final word is, there is a huge possibility of a Closed Beta Test.

Wala pa pong desisyon kung tuloy nap o sa Open Beta. Kahit po maayos na ang server, kailangan pa din po masigurado sa pamamagitan ng Beta Testing. May mga program po tulad ng Item Mall na kailangan po matest ng maigi kung may sira o wala. Sa madaling salita, malaki po ang posibilidad na may Closed Beta.

Any other questions, please post in the forums.

Nuff Said.

Monday, August 10, 2009

From The Tomes Of Trag Oul: Monsters

Third tome, second leaf

“… As the army of darkness fret from the arrival of the new king, the lord of darkness, Barlon, unleashed a tremendous shout of agony. His armies begin to retreat from Esiore as soon as new heroes come to the cursed land. The citizens of the land rejoiced, for they thought darkness was about to perish with the words of a sage. Never did they know that the lord of the devils will return with greater power, releasing his full fury within the land, and never once more be recognized as the same again.

Devils of the worst kind were summoned in Esiore, in their faces wore eyes as fiery as the fires of hell. Tormented souls break loose as they travel through the gate stone into unsuspecting humans and animals alike. Many were transformed into armies of Barlon himself, willing to obey every command their lord wishes them to. The minions of hell released the greatest dark energy, leaving the humans with one question: ‘who will save them now?’”

Some of the new monsters you will see inside WonderKing PH:

More monsters will be unleashed soon...

Friday, August 7, 2009

Updates for On-Going Events


Due to the unexpected delay of WonderKing Online Philippines, we would like to inform you that the slogan event deadline of August 10 shall be moved. Deadline for the submission of entries will be on the first day of the Beta period. Voting shall then commence for three days after the deadline and all rules still apply.

The friendster event’s deadline will not be changed and is still on-going. Further announcements shall be made in the news section of the WK website, the forums and the official blog.

WonderKing Management

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

WonderKing Fansite Kit Now Available!


As we have noticed, there are now fansites being built up by our dear players, we would also like to offer our help by giving you a fansite kit!

Yes! We are giving away this fansite kit for you to use! Just download the kit on the link provided and you are ready to use this kit for making your own fansite for WonderKing Philippines! You can use this kit not only for building fansites, but also for making blogs, signatures, and clan/guild sites! It's our way of helping you out to make a good-looking fansite even better!

What's included in the kit?

1. 8 Big character images (the ones on the site's header, these images are exclusive only for WK PH!)
2. 20 cute character images (all classes and their job advbancements!)
3. 4 map samples (great for backgrounds!)
4. 10 NPC Pictures (Yep! Even NPCs, we have 'em!)
5. 7 wallpaper variations (14 images in total, 2 sizes (1024x768 and 1280x1024))
6. 2 Logos (WonderKing Philippines and RyuSoft Logo)
7. 5 banners (2 still, 3 animated (great for endorsing!))
8. Teaser trailer of WonderKing Online PH (in mpeg format)

Expect the file to be big (about 53MB), because we added HUGE images (for non-pixelated results). The whole kit is in zip format, so just extract and enjoy!

Download the Kit Here!

Monday, August 3, 2009

From the Tomes of Trag Oul: Status Effects

Second Tome, First Leaf

As everybody has known, there is a 1Gig patch that’s coming onto the Philippine version. That would be pretty big for a single patch, so I would be expecting a lot of changes inside the game. There are changes that are already seen in the NA WK, and I have also explained the changes in the skills of the classes. One more thing that is being proposed in the said changes is the status effect.

In most games, the status effects have a huge impact when it comes to hunting monsters, or even pvp. In WonderKing, the status effect would be a big deal in strategizing on how you play the game. As what have said in the developer’s blog, the pvp system in WonderKing is different, with the “no pots” rule and the “three skills only” format, you really have to plan your strategy. Status effects would come to play in this system, as you not only gain the advantage if you cast skills with status effects, but also be the way for you to also think of the other player’s strategy. To give everyone an idea on what to expect on those effects, here are some screenies of monsters and players having status effects.

Monster Effects

Electric Shock – this effect will cause the monster’s defense to decrease significantly

Burn – this would cause the monster’s HP to decline. The burn effect would last depending on the strength of the skill.

Faint / Stun – What else does stun do? The monster cannot move for a certain period, giving you a chance to unleash your fury to easily kill the monster.

Frozen – The monster will be trapped on ice. Practically almost the same as stun, although it’s just colder, heehee.

Character Effects

Dark – everything would be darker, hard to see the enemy, a setback especially for long range attackers.

Poison – The player’s HP will gradually decrease for a certain period of time. Watch out for your HP, you might not notice that your HP is already gone!

Bleed – Almost the same as poison, although the bleed effect is supposed to last shorter than poison.

Pinch – The player cannot move for a while, equivalent to the stun effect. A big ouch for those who will be hit.

Confused – Think of it as like being dizzy, you walk left, you go right. You walk right, you go left. Makes you act in exact opposite.

Slow – the effect for those who love to run away. It slows down the player, so you could easily catch him.

These status effects are still under decision whether or not it will be added. But adding these effects would give the underdogs strategies on how to defeat enemies.