Friday, July 31, 2009

Unexpected Delay for WonderKing

Thank you for your continued patience and patronage for the Philippines launch of WonderKing Online. We truly appreciate your continued loyalty to the game and that is the reason why we worked so hard for this game to launch as soon as possible. However, sometimes the best that you can do is still not enough to make things work out fine and the odds comes at a very inappropriate time.

We would like to inform you that we may not be able to launch WonderKing Online this August. We have received news that the game is not yet ready for us to to launch even for closed beta. It may still take some more time for us to fully launch the game. We apologize for this inconvenience, as we too are eagerly waiting for the launch of WonderKing. We shall give an update on when will the game be ready for beta testing.

Again, we would like to apologize for the delay. This must be done to promote better quality in gameplay. For your concerns, you may contact our Game Masters in the forums.

WonderKing Management

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

From the Tomes of Trag Oul: Knave Improvements

First tome, second leaf

I remember the first time I tried WonderKing Online. I was only using my boss’ avatar and playing blindly in the Korean server (blindly since I cannot do anything but whack monsters, err, my brain’s OS needs the Korean language pack). From my personal experience, I love the knight class. I always play tank in every MMO I play. But since it was not my account, I was forced to use the thief class. Anyway, it’s not too hard, since all I do is skill spam monsters and wasting a lot of pots. One thing got my attention in playing the thief though: it is a very fast killer. In a tank, you could last long indeed without much need of pots. But actually, the thief can almost do the same thing. Especially if you have the right build in stats and skills. Other than that, what caught my attention were the thief’s skills. Their skills build up to their name: fast, sneaky, critical. I truly enjoyed hunting using that thief even if I was alone.

Too lucky was I when I heard that there are major changes made in the Philippine version of WonderKing Online. As I have told before, there are on-going projects which will change the graphic effects of the skills of all classes. I got the chance to get some screenies of the Knave class, an evolution of the thief. And my, you’ll be so amazed on the new styles of the skills! Here’s a few of ‘em:

This one is a skill looking like slicing through the monster. Look at the damage dealt. OMG

This is actually what I’m talking about in the thief class. They move so quick, you feel like they’re teleporting.

This is a great slicing skill. With this class’ speed, this thief could easily beat the fastest food slicer on the market! Better than a knife with Teflon!

Already fast moving, but also has a long range skill! Look at that sickle penetrating three monsters! Ouch!

Uhm, err, didn’t get much info on this one. But I think this skill is like life steal or sumthin… still have to watch out for more updates lol

Ah yes, the triple stabbing pain of doom! Lmao, just a wild guess. Imagine that three 1900 damage hitting you as you go pvp. Even I would run!

Now this is cool, slashing like zorro, only that it’s a letter J (that’s for joker, the knave’s WK Korea version)

Now this time, it’s not just a dash attack; it’s also adding poison while attacking! The proof on how fast is this skill: Check the name, and check where the character is.

Whoa! That stinks! Lol! It’s a confusion cloud, yeah right; any fart would surely make you dizzy!

That’s poison, added on his weapon. You could actually smell the scent of that poison once you look hard on it. XD

Ain’t those skills make you feel more excited? Well, me too. I can’t even wait to see the new skills of the other classes. I bet the other classes would surely impress players too!

Monday, July 27, 2009

GM notes: Excerpts from the GMs’ diary

Well, each day brings greater news. The good thing about being a GM is that you get to know some news way ahead than normal players. I get to see new things in WonderKing Online, and it’s great to know that there are really huge makeovers being done at the game. One of the latest news that I got is the improvement of graphics for the skills. Now I know that some players (especially hardcore players :lol: ) love a game because of the graphics. I for one, enjoy the sight of a skill with totally wicked effects, those ones that would make you say “oooooooo!” or “huwaaaaaaw!”

The latest news that I got? Well, my wife would surely enjoy this one. I got to see new screenshots of some new skills for the priest. Uh, yes, my wife is always a healer in mmos, that’s why she’s gonna enjoy this *teehee*. Anyway, the skills are so wicked I did not even imagine that WonderKing is a 2d game. Ok, for you to relate on to what I’m saying, here are some of those screenies:

They call this one : Shooting Star

(very nice, although too girly skill for me)

Now: the Fire Pillar

(think of it as the effects you get from harry potter films lol)

Holy Bolt

(kinda like saying, “stupefy!” lol)

(stop, enjoy your final moments!)

(kaboom! Instant 1k damage!)

Now this skill is revamped: Lightning Bolt

(do you see Zeus inside the circle? Nah, just kidding!)

Upgraded version of the holy bolt: Holy Cross

(ultimate secret hidden power da third!!! Whatataaaaa!!)

(*monster crosses fingers = “babay”)

(whapakkk! Instant binyag! Nyahahaha!)

Divine Oasis

(in the name of my mighty kitty wand, I banish you!!)

(ooooo, divine aura aoe attack!)

(look at the mob’s face, *shocked* XD)

Sanctuary of Heaven


(huge wave of the patronus charm (ouch))

(kapow! Wasak sa shockwave!)

The light of referees (err, yes, that’s what they call it)

(I’ve had enuf!!! Sunigin na kitaaaaa!!phoenix power!!!)

(I believe I can fly!!!! Weeeee!)

(Swooosh!!! Flames of the fire bird!)

Other Skills

Teehee, with these skills, I think there would be converts from other classes to priest. Soon hereafter we’ll be expecting huge changes in the game, and this is one of them.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

WonderKing PVP System

For Glory? For Fame? Or for the Gold? Whatever the reasons players may fight each other thru the Player vs Player (PvP) major patch update.

Most new MMORPGS only features Player Kill (PK) options enabled. While some features a Duel system for which players may invite (un)fortunate soul outside towns to a PvP combat. However in Wonderking Online, a PvP area known in game as Arenas is the only place which players may test their mettle.

Upon the start of the duel a Health Points GUI would appear directly on top of the character. Players may see each other’s Health and PvP combat would now begin. The objective is simple: Reduce your opponent’s Health to Zero before he reduces yours.

The PvP system would be available starting from the very first day of Open Beta this August. So sharpen your swords and polish your shield! Wonderking Online Philippines is coming in August. More information will follow as soon as testings are completed.

Monday, July 13, 2009

WK How To: Attendance

The attendance is one of the bonus features WonderKing is offering. This system gives out bonus items for players who play the game frequently.
The attendance icon can be seen just beside the hp and mp bars. The number indicated is the number of minutes left to be checked. You have to stay online for at least 1 hour to be checked for the game attendance.


Once the 1 hour has passed, the attendance icon will display “checked” signifying that you are already checked for attendance for that day.


To check how many days you have been checked, you may click the attendance button to go to the check card. You will see that in every five days that you play for at least an hour, you will be able to click the trade button to get a random reward.


Now, you're in the know!

Friday, July 10, 2009

WonderKing How To: Party

The party system in WK is very important since it allows you to venture with friends to go hunting, finishing quests and missions, etc. Players must form at least a group of 2-5 players to successfully create a party. Unlike other MMOs, WK is including a “party point system”, in which parties earn either cash or experience bonuses depending on the choice of the party leader.

To get a player near you join your party, all you have to do is right click on the character and click on the “add party” button. For friends or other players who are far from where you are located, use the Party Forums menu. This will help you get your friends to form a party even if you are far away from one another.

The Party Forums

This is what the Party forums look like. In here, you could add members to your party and you could also register your party for others to see.

How to Register:

1. Click the register button on the lower left side of the forum window

modify reg

2. It will ask you to enter a message, the message you will place would be the title of your party


3. Once successful, a pop-up window will show saying that your registration is activated

4. Now all you have to do is hit on refresh and you will see your party in the forums


5. At the same time, you will see a party icon on top of your character’s name so that other players who are near you will see that you are looking for party members (clicking on the icon would directly go to your party forum’s post)

Now, once you have gathered members, you will see your party’s information (members’ levels, location etc.) via the shortcut key [G].


Party Point System

The party point system is a great feature in WonderKing. Players get to have extra bonuses while being in a party. The party leader has to decide whether if your party will have experience or Zed as an extra reward.
Upon the party leader’s invitation to a party, the leader will be asked the type of party that he wants to create, also included is the option of what bonus the party will receive.


After the party has been made, you will see the party’s basic information on the left side of your screen, included is the party point mark (starting count is 0)


Every time your party hunts, the party point will build up points. Now once the party has agreed to gather the payment (more than half of the party should agree), all they have to do is click the pay button. Don’t underestimate this feature because we tested it, and for just 5 points, we actually got 40 zed :lol:

Question: What if the party was disbanded?

Answer: if the party is disbanded without getting the pay, the accumulated pay will then be converted to experience. If there are three members and one member left, his share will be then converted to experience but his points will have deductions for penalty of leaving the party. The most recommended way to get the full party point is to accumulate the pay first before leaving the party.

Penalties for level Gaps

There are no level limitations in parties (happy are those who love to leech) but there is a penalty for those parties who have huge level gaps among their members (leechers’ hopes all gone!). the table below shows the acquisition percentage of each member if there are level gaps among their members. Note that all of these penalties apply to all members.


There is also a penalty if the monster you hunt has a huge level difference from your party’s average level. So you have to be careful on what monsters your party should hunt to avoid such penalties.


Additional Bonus

Additionally, parties can gain more if there are more members in the party and that all of the members are hunting on the same map.


The table above shows that you could gain more in a party as long as you avoid the penalties, giving you a faster way to earn more experience and money. Not bad for meeting new party mates!

Now you get it, Now you learn!