Tuesday, May 26, 2009

WonderKing in the Philippines!


We would like to officially announce that WonderKing Online is coming to the Philippines!

WonderKing online is a new 2D side scrolling online MMORPG released by Ryu&Soft.

Let me address some of the great features of WonderKing:

1. Transport System - There are multiple ways on transporting in the world of Wonderking, you can ride a boat, take a shortcut, or even go for instant teleportation! And oh, did we mention that we also have mounts?

2. Cooking System - Ever ran out of potions while grinding your way for that next level? Ran out of money for buying lots and lots of potions? With the cooking system, you don't need to spend tons of money for buying your well-saved HP and MP pots, instead, you could brew them yourself!

3. Hometown System - After long hours of continuous grinding and whacking mobs, wouldn't it be nice to relax at the comfort of your own space? with the hometown system, you could have your own in-game house for a little relaxation. You could even decorate it to your own preference!

Aside from the cool features, we also have a pet system, tons and tons of fashion items, and a Siege warfare system!

Those are just a few of what Wonderking has to offer to you, our dear gamers. So better get ready, the beta phase is coming very soon!

To give you a preview, here's a demo video of WonderKing Online

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