Friday, August 13, 2010

Buy E-cash thru Mobius E-points!

Attention WonderKing Fans!

You may now purchase WKPH E-cash using Mobius E-points!

RyuSoft Phils. Inc. has partnered with Digital Media Exchange Inc., also known as Mobiusgames to provide all WonderKing PH players another option on how to top-up! You may now use Mobius E-points and convert it to WKPH E-cash using our web top-up system!

How to top-up:

1. Ensure that you have sufficient E-points in your mobius account. You can purchase E-points using Mobius cards or via Load Central to top-up your account.

2. Login to your WonderKing Account via our website,, and click on the Top-up button.

3. There is a new box in your account page (Mobius top-up), choose the denomination that you want to get and click on the "Mobius" button.

how to top-up 1

4. A new window shall pop-out. There, input the username and password of your mobius account.

how to top-up 1

5. Make sure you have sufficient Balance! Once you have entered your account info, you may click on "Buy" to purchase your WKPH E-cash.

how to top-up 1

6. The system will prompt a confirmation regarding that your E-cash purchase was successful. Congratulations! You have successfully charged your WKPH account!

how to top-up 1

WonderKing Team

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